Linux VPS at Indian data center now available.

Posted by info | VPS | Sunday 27 July 2008 1:05 pm

We have just launched the new VPS plans starting from Rs. 2222/- (US$ 55) per month. The VPS would be hosted at VSNL’s Data center in Mumbai. The OS available with the VPS are Linux (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu etc) and Windows (Windows 2003 and Windows 2008).

Each VPS comes with VPS Power panel to manage the VPS and PLESK control panel to control the VPS.

The VPS would be ideal choice for small portals and small companies who would like to move from shared hosting due to lack of performance in shared hosting environment.

Please find the new Virtual Private server ( VPS ) hosting plans at TATA Communications (VSNL), Mumbai Data center

VPS Hosting at USA Data center now available

Posted by info | VPS | Saturday 26 July 2008 6:05 pm

VPS Hosting now available at USA and India data center. Our VPS Hosting customers now have a choice to host the content on VPS in Indian data centers as well as USA data centers.

We would shortly be publishing the plans for VPS Hosting at our USA Data center.

Cloud hosting/computing risks

Posted by info | Hosting | Monday 7 July 2008 6:26 pm

These days new type of hosting is coming up. This is called Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is in first generation and need to address the security risks involved.

These clouds are good for hobby like website and blogs, but when the task in mission critical, IT decision makes all over the world looks for conventional models like dedicated server and co-location in a data center.

You can have a SLA based hosting from a conventional hosting provider. Cloud hosting are not suitable for Government websites also. Imagine a website of Government of USA being hosted on a cloud with server physically hosted at various data centers in Singapore, UK and India.

Cloud hosting has a long way to go. Certain downtime issues with MOSSO and Google APPS have given jerks to Cloud hosting.

Some of the risks involved in Cloud hosting are available at