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Spam & Virus protection
Spam & Virus protection Spam and viruses can literally bring a company’s operations to a complete halt. Lost time, money and data are only some of the results of an attack. Bandwidth eating spam and newly crafted viruses are spread daily. To keep your business secure, you need protection for your sensitive files, data and network. Our technology classifies spam messages to save you time and systematically stops viruses before they hit your inbox so you can concentrate on running your business.

Email Anti-Spam protection blocks spam with Bayesian filters, content filters, blacklists, whitelists, HTML trick detection, and more.

Stop DOS attacks in progress
Our Email Servers will add a sending IP address to the blacklist automatically if it sends too many bad requests in a short period of time.

Firewall & IDS
Impulse Web Solutions have Sonicwall E4500 Enterprise Firewall implemented on its servers to help protect your data. Firewalls are effective gatekeepers, denying access to recognized security threats. However, when coupled with Intrusion Detection System (IDS) you can go one step further. Intrusion Detection System provides an added layer of protection.

Barracuda Spam Firewall also available now. Cloud based email filtering now availbale per user per month cost.

Application Firewall : Application level firewall helps in preventing script based sql injections.

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